Audience Theory Escapism

I always escape my real life by watching Australia’s next Master chef or watching other television programes like Home and Away or Glee or I end up playing games-on the computer or card games.

The theory of Escapism is all about escaping real life and moving into another world to forget your troubles for a while.

n 1969 Jay Blumler and Denis McQuail studied the 1964 election in the United Kingdom by examining people’s motives for watching certain political programs on television. By categorizing the audience’s motives for viewing a certain program, they aimed to classify viewers according to their needs in order to understand any potential mass-media effects.[4] The audience motivations they were able to identify helped lay the groundwork for their research in 1972 and eventually uses and gratifications theory.[

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4 thoughts on “Audience Theory Escapism

  1. i HAVE NOTICED THAT i ALWAYS MAKE TIME TO WATCH THESE PROGRAMMES ON TELEVISION and comparing this to the 1960’s theory of the hyperdermic model which assumes that we just take all the messages from the movies or television and believe them straight away.

  2. I have noticed that when I think about the 1960’s theory model of hyperdermic all I think about is how everything from television to movies influenced how we thought and how we believed everything to be true.

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