Cultural Imperialism

Cultural Imperialism can be defined as the practice of promoting and imposing a culture and injecting the language of one nation into another nation.

For example that would be people from English countries coming to New Zealand telling Moaris that they can’t speak their language any more or do things their way any more like fishing for food to eat so they have to adopt the English way of live but that was when a Englishman called James Cook came here in the 17th or 18th Century or before that.

So now in modern days in the 20th and 21st Century Moaris can speak Moari when ever they want to to who ever they want to and have their very own television programme and a slot of television news for them at 4:25 pm till 5:25 pm on channel one.

I really think it is completely stupid that we had this in New Zealand and in other countries because people of what ever culture or language they speak should be able to speak in that language also culture.

Informed by the works of Noam ChomskyMichel Foucault, and Antonio Gramsci, Edward Saïd is a founding figure of Post-colonialism, established with the book Orientalism (1978), a humanist critique of The Enlightenment, which criticizes Western knowledge of “The East” — specifically the English and the French constructions of what is and what is not “Oriental”.[14][15][16] Whereby said “knowledge” then led to cultural tendencies towards a binary opposition of the Orient vs. the Occident, wherein one concept is defined in opposition to the other concept, and from which they emerge as of unequal value.[16] In Culture and Imperialism (1993), the sequel to Orientalism, Saïd proposes that, despite the formal end of the “age of empire” after the Second World War (1939–45), colonial imperialism left a cultural legacy to the (previously) colonized peoples, which remains in their contemporary civilizations; and that said cultural imperialism is very influential in the international systems of power.[17]

Saïd, Edward. 1993. Culture and Imperialism New York: Pantheon Books.

Saïd, Edward. 1978. Orientalism. New York: Pantheon Books.


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