Versimilitude is all about the fact or equality of being versimilar, the appearance of being true or real like a country  being in Civil War like Syria is in right now.

Compared to non-verisimilitude where there is no appearance of anything being true or real like .unicorns or talking animals or flying dinosaurs.

What I think about Versimilitude is people like to tell others when they are really small that Santa Claus actually exists because it appears true because all the milk and carrots also cake sometimes gets put on a plate for them when really it’s just nonsense. He’s really not there with reindeer who eat carrots or milk or birthday cake it’s just an excuse for parents to eat more food before they go to bed on Christmas Eve.

D.H.(2013,November,2)In midst of Syrian war, Jesus statue arises. The Sacramento Bee.Retrieved from.


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